What are the must to check Specs while buying Smart TV?

Experience the innovation with your smart TV

Are you up for buying a new TV? If yes, then what are your thoughts about 32-inches smart TV? It can be good enough just as you have thought your smart TV to be. The smart TV buzzwords like HDR, 4K might confuse you but, you need to figure out the specs that matter to you. So, before you plan to buy a 32 inch smart TV, get yourself well-versed with the features you want in your smart TV.

Whenever you buy any electronic gadget, it should be worth your time and money. So, while making the decision, ensure you check the following specs in smart TV before purchasing it. Let’s have a look at the following important key points.  

Screen resolution ( HD-ready or fully HD)

Start by checking the screen resolution first because even smart TV’s can be defective. Before you buy a 32 inch smart TV, make sure you have checked the picture quality and if you are buying online, check the posted reviews. Ensure your product meets all the qualities you have listed down. With 32-inch smart TV, you will get HD ready smart TV. 

Refresh rate 

Check the refresh rate of your smart TV. The refresh rate refers to the number of times, the pictures on your smart TV refresh in a second.  As per the standard, the refresh rate is 60 times in a second. Sometimes, due to the refresh rate and speed of the pictures, some scenes may seem blurry. It means the TV has this standard refresh rate. 


Today’s smart TV comes with all the essential ports for better connectivity with WI-FI and other devices. You can get wide with your options like ethernet ports and WI-FI adapters. Check for the availability of HDMI ports and check the smart TV you have chosen to buy can connect USB to display media. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is a must to connect your smart TV with headphones and sound bars.

Check audio outputs

Don’t get the shock after a few months. Enquire and check the sound output of the Smart TV because sometimes, there are issues with Speakers. Do not go only after one feature, check every single thing to ensure it’s worth your money.

Brightness level and contrast ratio

How much brightness can that smart TV you decided to buy display? Well, you can check the reviews while buying and check the contrast ratio after buying it at home. Be careful about how to measure the contrast and brightness levels. Image display appears better when your smart TV has a higher contrast ratio.


What is the other thing that you want or are the revenue generators for online stores? Well, it is the warranty that they provide, and most of the smart HDTVs have the strongest components. The return policies are for a month, so after purchasing check out for every feature because it is returnable in that period. Moreover, there is always a 1-year warranty on products.

Final thoughts

You can find the best smart TV with all the needed qualities in AK HI-FI online store. We have a collection of Android smart TV of all the top brands. You can buy a 32 inch TV, 43 inches smart TV, and many more with the HD ready or 4K ultra HD screen. With a warranty of 1 year, AK HI-FI provides premium quality electronic gadgets.


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