We are moving close to innovation and embracing technologies every day. The high resolution that we see today is the result of digital transformation. It has successfully evolved with the evolving technologies. Let move further with a question.

What is resolution? The term is used to describe the clarity and sharpness of any image or video. It has grown with time as the concept of TV came into existence in the 90s, but the evolution in TV pixels happened in 2000. Then the growth was never-ending in 2006, the LCD came into the market, and it was a breakthrough from old versions to the new ones. The resolution of TV pixels has been growing fast, and now we have touched the mark of ultra-high-definition or 4k resolution.

The quality of video and image is the primary concern of every company because the demand for the best quality and ultra high definition is increasing in the market. Now let’s understand what is the difference between the different quality of resolutions and how it can affect the quality of an image or video.



SD or standard definition is an old version of the resolution that was used in earlier times to broadcast and entertain people. It is used in current times as well but not so often because of its low quality. The plus point of using standard definition is it is small in size, as it uses less bandwidth. you can easily use it in live streaming as it is smaller in size, so it does not require much internet speed to be uploaded. 


Height definition or HD is of two categories one is 720 pixels and the other is 1080 pixels. These pixels are considered necessary; when you are doing a live stream on any social media channel. Most people prefer 720 pixels for live streaming as it covers small memory and is easy to upload when there is less connectivity of the internet. 


The term Ultra HD is described partially by its name itself. There were times when watching a black and white show on low resolution was a dream for many people, but today high definition has also been overtaken. 4k or ultra HD has become very popular amongst people and various brands.

 In today’s time, people want ultra-celerity, on their television screen;

HD and Full HD don’t serve the purpose, so they need something like ultra HD. It enhances the quality of the TV show you are watching. Whether it is shot with a low-quality camera, ultra HD resolution TV will not compromise the quality of your TV show.


There was a time when TV pixels were at standard definition, and then they reached high definition and now ultra-high definition. This growth is still in progress, and someday we will cross this mark. As in today’s world, everyone is connected with each other, videos and photos are the primary medium of conveying your feelings and daily lifestyle activities to your loved ones. Every person wants to see things more clear and bright.

As if it is all really happening in front of them. Many inventions have allowed us to make our virtual vision more sharp and clear, and 4k resolution or ultra HD is one of the most advanced discoveries in the field of resolution. There are two types of high definition or HD, one is standard HD, and another is full HD. Ultra HD is above all these, and you can see the difference once you give a glace to it.

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